I saw Wu Lyf back in October 2011 as they performed their fabulous debut album Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. The following review featured in Leeds Student…

Few bands have experienced a 2011 quite like Wu Lyf. The Mancunian “heavy pop” quartet have garnered such a cult following over the past 12 months that it has spilled over into the public domain accelerated by the success of their debut offering Go Tell Fire to the Mountain.

Their energetic set was effectively a live rendition of their critically acclaimed debut LP, which they rattled through in barely an hour. Yet Wu Lyf even had time to include a sumptuous instrumental ditty whilst lead singer, Ellery Roberts, popped off to the gents. This is a band that does not suffer from any inhibitions, and this was reflected when Roberts proceeded to treat the crowd to his signature karaoke song ‘Wicked Games’ by Chris Isaak in which his usually incomprehensible vocals gave way to a sensitivity at odds with the rest of the set. It is Robert’s husky and unfathomable vocals that define the sound of Wu Lyf, particularly on the anthemic finale ‘We Bros’.

The euphorically glorious ‘We Bros’, a call-to-arms that stresses brotherly solidarity, defines their unique sound. Some of their finest moments came when Roberts retreated and let the shimmering guitar melodies take centre stage ably supported by vibrant drumming which shook the venue to its core, particularly on crowd favourite ‘Dirt’.
There was an overwhelming feeling, once the relentless cries of ‘We Bros’ were over, that this is a band destined for greatness. Their interplay with the adoring audience smacked of a band that is comfortable with its astonishing rise. It will not be long before Wu Lyf leave the intimacy of the Brudenell Social Club for the cavernous stadiums in which their richly unique sound deserves to be enjoyed.


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