Liverpool Worries: We Need to Talk About Brendan Rodgers

Andy Tate famously called David Moyes “the biggest fool in Manchester” last season, and on current form Brendan Rodgers is closely rivalling that status in Liverpool.

There are so many issues with Liverpool’s decline this season, which has reached its nadir now of four defeats in a row in all competitions for the first time since October 2009, it is difficult to pinpoint where to begin, but at the head of it all must be Rodgers.

The personnel, the shape, the tactics; all of it down to Rodgers, none of it currently working.

He has not become a bad coach overnight, but he is undoubtedly finding it difficult to manage this Liverpool side at present. Rodgers deserves a lot of praise still for the work he did in guiding the Reds to a second place finish last season, for he was integral to that, but by the same token he should be held accountable for the dramatic dip that has occurred in this campaign.

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