Liverpool: How emotion was Steven Gerrard’s greatest strength and his fatal flaw

Rarely has a a moment in football so united a nation. If 2014 was the year of the vine then there is one six-second clip of Steven Gerrard in particular that has been looped thousands and thousands of times over; to the joy of hundreds of thousands, and the despair of tens of thousands.

So defining and comical a moment was it, at the end of one of the hardest fought Premier League title races in years, that it transcended all club rivalries up and down the country. Opposition fans became united in song and exultant in glorification of the event – as if it was 1938 and Neville Chamberlain had waved a piece of paper and declared “peace in our time”.

And so passes what will likely be remembered as the final defining moment of Gerrard’s playing career, after he announced his intention not to renew his Liverpool contract in the summer, and depart these shores to LA Galaxy and America’s MLS.

Full Article Here


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