Milner, Khedira, Alves – Possible Free Transfers Available for Premier League Teams this Summer

There’s an especially fine batch of players set to enter the transfer market with no strings attached at the end of this season, and while many clubs will wait for the bear-pit of a summer shootout to try and pick up a possible free transfer, some might try and push through a move for a nominal fee this January. James Dutton takes us through the best free transfers summer 2015

Possible Free Transfers Summer 2015: The best on the market

James Milner

After coming close to leaving Manchester City last summer, disillusioned with a lack of consistent first-team opportunities, the England international has featured heavily this year. The 29-year-old has spent much of his career trying to convince the paying public of his worth, and has finally started to receive the praise his tireless work ethic and intelligent game-play deserve.

With his contract up in the summer and a change of scene believed to be high on his priority list, Milner would represent a sound investment for any leading Premier League club. Liverpool and Arsenal are thought to be keen, both of whom could profit from harnessing his boundless energy and tactical flexibility.

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