Brendan Rodgers: The idealist chewed up by modern football’s machine

“I promise to dedicate my life to fight for this club and defend the great principles of Liverpool Football Club on and off the field.”

Brendan Rodgers knew how to talk a good game when he arrived at Liverpool in June 2012. There aren’t many tougher acts to follow in the club’s history than Kenny Dalglish – no matter how lamentably his second coming ended, many felt it a disgrace that such an iconic legend had been sacked by American owners in Boston.

Talking a good game was essential; with a CV as wafer-thin as Rodgers’, he needed more than a 180-page dossier to convince the masses he was the right man for the job. Without a long career in professional football, he needed a USP to make him stand out.

Roy Hodgson had been in his seat only two years previously, and his first press conference did little to dispense the suggestion that he saw the Liverpool job as a personal accolade, a stepping stone to the top job he possesses today. Rodgers couldn’t afford to get off on the wrong foot; his appointment was perhaps the riskiest move the club had made since promoting Dalglish to player-manager back in 1985.

Full Article Here.


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